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Slash Summer Challenge 2014 17\20

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Who is this, Stiles?

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But I’m trying to help my f r i e n d s.

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20 Teen Wolf ships as voted by our followers:

20. Derek and Isaac.





You cannot even try to tell me that you didn’t think they were about to kiss because they were seriously about to.

Especially the 2nd gif.

  • The way Stiles looks at Derek’s lips and nods slightly.
  • The way Derek’s eyes skit around looking at Stiles’ facial expressions.
  • The way Derek swallows almost nervously

this post is flawless

Ugh god

Jeff, the Cockblocker of the universe. Dumbass writers throwing magic away.

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@i_love_harveys: Sorry I couldn’t got everyone’s face! #netWOLFING supporting CYSTIC FIBROSIS

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